Who we are:

Once upon a time, Gurudutta, the farmer had a dog. This dog used to sit by the roadside waiting for vehicles to come around. As soon as one came he would run down the road, barking and trying to overtake it.

One day Somadutta, his neighbour asked Gurudutta, "Do you think your dog is ever going to catch a car?"

Gurudutta replied, "That is not what bothers me. What bothers me is what he would do if he ever caught one."

Sometimes, we do pursue things without a definite purpose; like that Dog. We make choices, however we are not clear that why the choice has been made. When we miss the clarity of purpose, the road in front becomes hazy and we definitely miss the direction. The process of discovering a definite purpose while negotiating our life situations is “Transformation”.

How to ensure a definite transformation with a sense of PURPOSE?
Indeed, one common thing among us is to “Transform”, to transform is the constant pursuit followed by individuals, families, organizations and social fabrics since ages; we come with the agenda to accept things only with few changes. Transformation can happen only when the value of values becomes valuable to the individual. Since ages it has been proved that evolving through values is the only solution to succeed and excel, it assures to transform us as true value creators. We can evolve a transformed world of peace, families of happiness and organizations of success when we live values or do what is to be done with a definite purpose!

Who We Are

All of the money in the world cannot solve all the problems unless we come with values. If we live values, there is no problem in the world that can nip our commitment. We seek to create and empower people to their highest potential – The Complete Person. We are based in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu., and are among the few foundations in the world with a firm commitment to design, organise, execute and monitor “Living Values” interventions for total transformation. Anugraha Learning and Research Foundation are created to focus on learning and research in “Living Values” interventions.

Research, Education, Leadership and Entrepreneurship are our specialised area. We are committed to foster a society of independent individuals who are engaged and empowered citizens in their communities and are committed to do what is to be done.

In service of our vision, we focus our operations on two areas – learning and research, which we see as two ends of a continuum. A quality learning initiative is the foundation for self-growth, preparing young people for success in schools, college and in life. Many young adults are working in businesses started by entrepreneurs. Some will become entrepreneurs themselves, providing jobs and wealth for society.

What We Do

We focus our thoughts and choices on two areas – learning and research, which we believe are critical in developing individuals, families, organisations vibrant society with living values..

We believe that youth prepared to succeed in schools and colleges will go on to lead productive, economically independent lives. Our education work focuses heavily on access to high quality school options and postsecondary opportunities intended to improve academic and life outcomes for students, parents and teachers.

Our vision could and should be achieved by many more people. In our entrepreneurship work, we develop and support initiatives that provide entrepreneurs with the education, tools, skills and connections they need to start and grow businesses. We also work to create a more entrepreneur-friendly environment; including lowering barriers to success and raising awareness of the important role entrepreneurs play in the economy.

Undergirding all of our work is an extensive research and policy program that is ultimately aimed at helping us develop effective leadership interventions and inform policy that will best advance individuals. To do so, our researchers must determine what we know, commit to finding the answers to what we don't, and then apply that knowledge to how we operate as a Foundation.


Our research is contributing to a more in-depth understanding of what drives an individual’s choice and then growth in a competitive world, and best practices for improving self-image, relationships, attitudes and emotional maturity.


Beyond our extensive research, the Anugraha Learning and Research Foundation has developed and supported a variety of learning methodologies and other resources that furthers our work; namely interactive workshops, one-on-one coaching and mentoring and experiential outbound retreats.

We as your Coach and Mentor

We are your trusted coach and mentors; with a vision and the way of “Living Values”. We are change agents, who handhold and assist in transforming to “Living Values” climate around you. With us, you learn, clarify, assimilate and live values around tempting impossibilities; You change the core of your operating system and change things around you effortlessly; You redefine, renew, experience, introspect, correct and accept the way your choices are made; You come face to face with the way you think, speak and perform and correct it in-time – You transform with a definite purpose.

We offer mentorship in cultivating “Living Values” culture that would transform you to be a better family member, a definite value creator in the organization, and a social performer – all at once. We make you work with yourself through a time-tested module of value clarification, which has been built around interactive workshops, one-on- one coaching and out-bound experiential retreats. It has been interwoven with continuous assessment and improvement plans, study of the current, ideal and future states, activities, games and introspection. Over and above you will be mirroring your belief system and correcting it later with highly accurate value profiling instruments.

Our “Living Values” initiative would create a climate that excels with high degree of success, performance and happiness. It would help you to outperform standard performance indices by many factors; will be rated as true game changers in creating healthy experience at the right time and improved performance. Since the initiative would shake the core, it can be applied to enhance performance effectiveness at individual, family, organizational and social context.

We as your self-growth coach and mentor –

If you are looking to transform the way you have been thinking and performing, then we are the people to look into. Just for a change close your eyes and take a journey inside, come face to face with your belief system; find out, are you really happy with the events of your life and the way you are. We at Anugraha Learning and Research Foundation engaged in designing, executing and monitoring a “Living Values” module for your self-growth – transforming your outlook!

You remain the same, till you choose to transform. You are just one choice away from creating the life that you were born. You have been spending on many things, but now is the time to invest on you and grow unconditionally. We offer “Sreyas” an effective one-on-one learning that ignites your self-growth through “Living Values”. We as your self-growth coach and mentor bring in a definite approach to your effective living and personal effectiveness filled with activities that transforms you; create abundant happiness; joy and self-knowledge. “Sreyas” brings you face to face with your belief system, likes and dislikes that you knowingly or unknowingly ended up believing; empowers you to change; lets you re-engineer your success and effectiveness in discovering a happy YOU in you.

When you are a student of “Sreyas”; you learn, clarify, assimilate and live vision, purpose and values of your life; You take inventory and then correct your belief system; Re-define philosophy of your life; Re-engineer and re-invent your choice and actions; Understanding of living intelligently; you improve your ability to handle stress, anxiety, fear and emotional issues and estimation of yourself; self-image, relationship skills and healthy attitudes, all by working with your value system. More than all you discover answer for many un-answered question of your life. It is a process of transformation by experimenting with the way you think, speak and perform. It is strictly for those who take pain, willing and courageous enough to meet oneself in the mirror, correct and transform to be a “Living Values” individual. This module is applicable to all above eight years.

It is a wonderful and a life changing inner-journey that you take with yourself. You see, you are holding your own hand and moving towards a new sunrise with a new YOU. For details and assignments you may contact us. We see you as a “Living Values” individual!

We as your family coach and mentor -

We can hope to have a prosperous, safe, happy and healthy society, only by strengthening our families. But how do we strengthen the family? The crucial question indeed, one that is rarely asked is this: Does the family exist only to meet its needs or does it exist to realize a higher purpose? When we conceive of the family as an end in itself, our efforts to support it will inevitably fall short. The secret to reviving the family is to discover its relationship to the larger good of society, the nation, and the world. Family should become the means of self-discovery. We must understand the dynamics of a well-functioning family that is truly, a place of living values.

We herewith introduce “Madhuvarshini” the initiative working towards developing a family with least disturbance. It is the initiative, which is synonymous with joy and happiness. Madhu: the divine word for Amrutha - That takes us away from death; inspiration to live and live happily. It is an opportunity to learn, clarify, assimilate and live family values to the purpose of realising the ultimate goal: Oneness. We pray for the rain of Amrutha is showered on your family on continuous basis.

We offer to be your family coach and mentor, who would help your family members to grow with a purpose, discover a new meaning to live and lead a life of unlimited happiness. We offer resources in the form of discussion, CD’s, workbooks; meticulously developed family drills and regimens; tools and instruments of knowing and correcting your family values. A family value kit would be served to work for the betterment of your family. During this program your family would be defining its philosophy, developing a good culture and making a family pledge. Every member would discover an environment of harmony around the family. The program comes to you with a vision and a definite means.

We personally invite you, as a member of this initiative, to undertake this program and promise you that it will lead to a happier family and to more responsible children and family members! We offer,

Shrusti – Value learning initiative in pregnancy; Mindful pregnancy; Creating the new life
Punarnava - Values in parenting: Raising children meaningfully, purposeful parenting, flowering in parenting and so on…
Indradhanush - Values while growing: Life skills, attitudinal transformation, improving self-image, developing relationship skills and discovering emotional maturity.
Sapthapadi - Values in married life: Pre and post marriage mentoring, addressing concerns in married life, creating a meaningful marriage, growing in marriage and so on…
Madhuvarshini – An initiative to discover family values together.
Uthsav - Gracefully growing with values: Peaceful old age, growing in dignity with age

We as your organisational coach and mentor –

What makes for a great workplace? How does one create a workplace that is considered wonderful to work for? What is the kind of an organisational culture that allows people to be most effective value creators? There are no standard prescriptions for creating a great workplace, it is purely context specific. Organisations of today need to constantly figure out ways to keep people excited, empowered to make their own choices and have a sense of ownership along with opportunities to learn and grow. Values are the defining principle of great workplaces, created through credibility.

We offer “Excellence – Values at workplace” a transformative module of value creation. Creating, sustaining and growing with a great workplace is a significant investment an organisation can make towards its long term success. We affirm that organisations that are great workplaces are more successful financially and outperform standard market indices by multiple factors. Organisations invested in turning to be a great workplace are rated as one of the highest in customer loyalty terms. If the general market returned 34% between 2008 and 2012, the organisations that were invested in transforming to great workplaces returned three times more - 127% - during the same period.

Then, how do we define a great workplace? Great workplaces are directed by trust, where people trust each other, have pride in the work they do and enjoy the company of people they work with. They will be having answers for “Why would customers wants to be with them and stay and grow with the organisation”. People turn customer centric and the organisation becomes a nursery of talent. People will have a sense of ownership because they feel they are building the business. The module stands for winning culture of generating impact where people feel empowered and are constantly developing into better individuals is what makes the organisation a truly exciting place to create value. The respect with which employees feel they are treated and the extent to which employees expect to be treated fairly. The degree of pride and the levels of amity which employees feel with one another are the additional essential components.

In order to create a great workplace, we assist in creating a culture of value creation. The research on thousands of high vision and high-value organisations around the world has established that there are few key areas management should invest in if their vision is to create a great workplace. “Values at workplace” allow people to understand the role, team dynamics and work culture. It's an opportunity to ensure that the individual and the organisation are a perfect fit. The objective is to link the core values and vision of the organisation with business goals and to replicate behaviours in people to ensure they deliver. It has been interwoven with clarifying organisational vision, purpose and core values and defining the long term philosophy; creating a balanced process flow of value creation; Transforming the way people think and perform.

We are sure that, you would sponsor your organisation to be a “Living value organisation” and invest in turning it the best place for value creation.