• When I am able to discover joy in what I do; I am sensitive, understanding and there is my inner-growth
  • Recognising, acknowledging, appreciating and accepting the other person without any condition is love, for which one should be educated and cultured
  • The more I know, the brighter life is, because I cannot see more than what I know. What I know is preventing me from knowing more.
  • Living doesn't mean going on, moving on or simply dragging around. It doesn't mean dragging to some holiday or recreation to forget oneself.
  • I love another person totally or completely, but cannot understand and accept the other person unconditionally
  • When people see I can improve; I find fault with them, I react and hurt them, just to tell them that "I am Right"
  • I expect everyone to accept me as I think of myself. I react and go deep to find fault with them when they say I am not true.
  • I couldn't alleviate the other persons pain or discomfort when i came across someone in pain and sufferings.

Once upon a time, a lion calf was brought up together with a flock of sheep. The baby lion was living on eating grass along with other sheep in the loving care of an old shepherd. Now the lion calf started bleating like a lamb, the calf believed in himself as a lamb.

One day suddenly a lion appeared from the forest in front of sheep flock. Every sheep started running for life and so did the baby lion. The lion was surprised to see this baby lion browsing grass, bleating like a lamb, and running for life, full of fear at the sight of the big lion.

The lion caught hold of the baby lion and dragged him to the nearby lake with clear water. Having seen the reflection of both, baby lion roared like the real lion without any fear.

Living Values - Let us be ourselves, let us be ourselves honestly, completely and totally.

There is no choice in exercising a choice, we have to make choice in a given situation. Behind every choice of ours there is a governing principle in our lives. These governing principles lie close to the heart of who we are and defines each of us as unique and special. The process of discovering who we really are unlocks an inner power, a driving force that can aid us in our quest to succeed and to do something about the things that matters most to us. There are many hurdles on the way, we need to clarify them and thus neutralise to live a life of who we really are. Our anguish comes from the pain of experiences that have powerfully demonstrated to us the need to have our daily choices in line with what we hold most important in our lives. We assist you in learning, clarifying, assimilating and living what you hold most important in your life….for your self-growth, family excellence and organisational transformation. We deliver our resources through interactive workshops, one-on-one coaching / mentoring in person or on-line and experiential outbound retreats. Write to us to book your registrations!

Healthy relationship

There are problems and definitely there are problems in relationships, which have to be faced and neutralised objectively. The problem is centred on the person called “I” and our understanding of this “I” and the rest. We are the very problem when we say “I have some problem with….” the reality in any relationship is, if we are the problem for sometime, we are the solution in many times. Whenever we are the solution, we did not solve any problem, there was no fulfilment of a desire, all that happened was that we are in touch with the core - the person as we are. All that is required to develop healthy relationship is that we look at ourself as we are without adding, deleting, generalising or distorting.

Healthy attitude

When the world fail to respect us, we feel upset. Expecting the world to respect is not a harmful attitude, when it is objective and factual based. A problem arise only when seeking respect is exaggerated into self-worshipfulness. When self-respect become self-worship, it does not just affect our attitude towards ourselves, but it manifests in our demand upon others to show us the respect that we feel is our right. When we expect and demand respect from others, we invite many disturbances into our lives.

Healthy Self-Image

As we are, what we are and where we are, we have everything we need for complete peace and total happiness. The learning mind can only see us at peace and happiness. The mind at peace, is the mind with values, is stronger than any force in the universe. We are that universal force with a body not a body with the force.

Transforming life

We have many concepts of life; many imaginations; many philosophies; many faces; many ideas, but don't have an inspiring life.

Living in balanced relationship

Every relationship is filled with abundant beauty, excellence, peace and enlightenment. To relate is to tune it in and to tap this abundance...moment to moment - To relate is to meditate.

Clarify your vision, purpose and core values

It is essential to revisit our operating system on continuous basis to ensure we are on right direction. Scanning for virus at least once a month can transform us to realise our priorities, goals and vision. Running an anti-virus can help us to realise that our day to day work does not give us what we have been searching. If we can question our thoughts and belief system, the results are magical and priceless

Am I doing what I should be doing with my life?
Am i leading a purposeful life?
Am i fulfilled?

It is the time to know, whether things we have been running after still hold any meaning or purpose in our lives!

Healthy attitude

To look into the world as a mirror and not to feel inadequate. Using the mirror honestly to bring necessary corrections to lead a life of wisdom.

Emotional maturity

We get upset and become sorrow when we fail to get constant approvals from people around for what we are doing. Others approvals and appreciation keeps us alive - we are living for their approvals!

Inner transformation

We see the world in the screen our mind (70 mm cinemascope with sound effects). We accept that world without questioning. We become depressed, because we see a gap between what we understand of ourselves and the seen world.

Excellence in relationship

What prevents us from accepting the person as “Grace” from the Lord?
When in a relationship if we expect a person to be different from what the person is, we do not love that person. What we call “Love” is conditioned by our likes and dislikes. Our love is for a person whom we want to manipulate. We think we are in deep love with the person who is in alignment with our picture of the person. We grow in a relationship only when we accept the person no matter what, the person is acceptable the way he is. Acceptance is the core of any relationship.

Emotional maturity

Our emotions are like colours of different shades in a painting. They are inseparable part of our lives. They are not our problems, our inability to express them in a way is our main problem. Our unexpressed or wrongly expressed emotions can create pain and hurt. It is a good option to learn to express our emotions in a right manner.

Life…e…will you flower?

It is our glories to have skills, abilities and use them. Abilities should be allowed to speak for themselves. The bush simply blooms because it is meant to bloom. It asks no respect and claims no glory. It blooms because bloom it must. And this is the way we should be about our skills and abilities.

True parenting

We are aware of ourselves not just as an individual but as an individual who is adequate - being happy or inadequate - being unhappy. So there arise such complexes as “I am not happy or not adequate as a parent and need to do anythings to see myself as an adequate parent who is a complete person. All our attempts are to discover freedom from our sense of inadequacy and bring about changes in our children. However, the problem is not our children or unhappiness, the problem is our understanding and acceptance that “I am inadequate, I am unhappy…the judgement about myself”. No effort in parenting can ensure us as a true parent, unless we fix ourselves.

Family values

Being a parent is not only is challenging, inspiring and enlightening! Sometimes while raising our children we can’t express who we really are, we wear a mask. And sometimes we just feel overwhelmed, and drained by all the battles and drama – feel lost. Sometimes we are absolutely delightful. And sometimes we drive our children absolutely crazy!

My family values

Learn to clarify and define your family values to raise healthy children and grow with elders in an enlightening, peaceful and happy family environment.
We invite you to experience,
A dream family environment where trust, equal opportunity, sharing and so on…are the real operating system
Discover a proper blue print to learn, clarify, assimilate and live your familial values
Learn how to use your values as an everyday tool to build harmony and cooperation
Include your children in defining your family’s values
Discover your family operating system

We offer you with tools and instruments for defining and strengthening the family environment; Creating a family environment where there are equal opportunities and few arguments; Where children and parents are empowered to help each other learn how to live up to their highest possibilities; Where conflict truly does become opportunity for growth; Where children are invested in co-creating a peaceful, joyful, loving environment; Where elders are happy mentoring younger ones.

With us, you will be creating a unique vision and a set of family values to practice and to create joyful cooperation, familial balance and an enlightening family core. By allowing your children the opportunity to be in on this process, you are automatically enrolling their cooperation and support for your values. You discover how using your family values turn conflict into cooperation.

Graceful ageing

When we have a choice to grow, why do we choose to age?
We draw the picture of our own world from our own limited experience of likes and dislikes. We colour it with our own colours and our own brush. We begin to believe that our picture of the world is what the world is all about. This attitude of ours obviously limits our self-growth. We remain what we were without any growth; only ageing continuously!

Sandeepany - Living values in early childhood education

It refers to creating holistic learning opportunities for children, particularly from birth to age 07. Children’s learning experiences begin before birth, and the first seven years are a particularly critical time for emotional maturity and cognitive development. We provide experiential learning projects aimed at making children grow by experimenting with values. The learning projects are age appropriate and children along with parents completing twelve projects a year.

Holistic family environment for children

A child can become great citizen who has had the advantage of three right teachers, viz., father, mother, and the educator at the classroom. The family is blessed and the child is fortunate because parents are learned, mature and spiritual. What values parents come with inspires children. No other person can equal 'parents with values' for their children.

Organisational operating system

Do you have an operating system that can inject you to a true leadership orbit? Have you ever took inventory of your operating system and how strong to fight with bugs and virus? We design, organize, operate and monitor custom-built operating systems that have changed many lives; they discovered freedom from their day-to-day mundane activities and empowered their team to succeed. They discovered a definite growth in a tough customer place. We provide a practical, powerful yet simple operating system known as leadership module of value creation for total transformation. If you are looking to get into the higher orbit from already achieved success, then this is the time to look into your operating system that defines you, your leadership virtues and clarity of future.

We invite you to be the part of our effective organizational transformation module “Excellence”. Applying its core principles, you could identify and eliminate all of your virus and bugs known for non-value creating things. It comes with a promise of having inspiring people at all levels; you demonstrate high degree of accountability by clarifying a shared vision and purpose; transforming organizational processes not only to run seamlessly, but also have the potential to scale up as effective as you see fit!

Transforming to next level needs more than products, service or your will to succeed. Landing on higher orbit requires tools and instrument of optimizing your purpose, process and people. You need strong guiding principles that will work for you day in and day out. “Excellence” comes with all the tools and instruments that make up a holistic and self-sustaining operating system for your organisation. When you integrate your process and people with this operating system it will help to realize the vision you have always had for your organisation.

We coach and mentor to re-write an effective operating system that will empower to make right choices with respect to purpose, process and people. It will help you to identify, reduce and eliminate all non-value creating thoughts, process and people and focus on making the vision happen, you identify enduring guiding principles and align people with it. It is more than a model, it is a way of life that will help you get clarity of your vision and build a strong organisation with strong process and people. We are looking forward to work with you to define the operating system that can take you to the next orbit around any impossibility.

Lessons in leadership

No matter how charismatic the person is, one day he has to depart. A visionary person or a true leader too departs. However, what remains forever is values a visionary leader lived! The person remains visionary and vibrant decade after decade - he remains like a ever burning lamp. Now, we need a lamp to search for such a person, what we have all around is only mess and chaos.

Customer experience leadership - Re-inventing your sales, marketing and customer care initiatives

Every sales call is an opportunity to learn and be wise. Call after call customers get more value they deserve. Reflecting and learning from every call is important than call by itself.

Transformed people in the organisation

We are not simply born as onlookers, doing some work, taking care of family, earning money and so on...we are not born to experience our life situations. We are born with the power of choice; to choose to participate in this creation.When we are not participating in this creation, we are by default participating in destruction. In every manner we are related to each other - we are interrelated and hence our participation - “Choice” should help us, our families, our organisations and the whole universe to grow and enlighten. Our choice may help the world to live happily. The world is the world as it is, just because of our “Choice” - let us make choices with the understanding of a responsible participator.

Visionary organisation

Visionary organisation does not exist just to be an another organisation. They exist to do something useful. The continual stream of innovative products and services from visionary organisation stems from them being outstanding people and processes.

Organisational work culture

The challenge with every organisation is to learn how to develop an environment in which individuals can be creative and growing continuously.

Values in education

Our modern lifestyle has given us a family and society where values are a terrible mess. We nurture our children with an artificial environment which is not human and natural. It does not make them either responsible or accountable. We have to transform in our lives to become a role model for our children, so that they have a basis to make intelligent choices. Parents, educators and schools think seriously to come foreword and create a learning environment of values, where our children can learn, grow and correct.

Living in the moment -Our life is filled with wonderful moments; blue sky, dewdrops, sunshine, moonlight, a smile, innocence and so on. When we are in touch with these wonderful things pain and sufferings will stay away. We search for these things all over without realising the truth. The truth is they are within us - all around us: everywhere and all the time. Wonderfulness, total and completeness are our glories.

The road to success -Success: it is amazing!

When we make success, we do not believe it, we do not recognize and trust ourselves …. search for approvals. We work overtime to make sure that everyone else are recognizing and appreciating our sense of success. Our success is not in accomplishing something unique, but in making everyone accept and approve it!

Organisational transformation

We have to transform from seeing the organisation as a vehicle for the products to seeing the products as a vehicle for the organisation

Healthy work culture

Our common complaint has been, “People do not understand and accept me”. People around fail to understand and accept us because we fail to strip us down, unmask totally and expose ourselves, so that the whole world get to know the real “WE”. Our fear is not the world; the real, true “WE”!

Leadership excellence

The picture of our story comes with many shades and issues that can’t be shared or expressed. We are driven by “What the world thinks of me”, thus these issues irritate remaining in the throat and we end up suffocating with untold pain - emotions of hundred colours, hurt...guilt...pain...insecurity and so on.