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Four disciples of a Guru decide one day to observe seven days of silence. On the first day, all were silent and meditating, the day and night went peacefully. On second night, they did not have any light and fan in their room, the first disciple calls a servant to look in to the problem and make it all right for following days.

The second disciple was surprised to hear the first talking and said, “We are not supposed to talk a word”
The third one said, “You two are stupid, we have decided not to talk for seven days, so why did you talk?”
The forth said, “I am the one who has not talked any thing”

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  •   Does your organizational mission have a growth-oriented operating system? Welcoming new challenges, being agile, striving to learn, and being less afraid of failure — these are key success factors of a growth operating system, a “get better” organizational performance that is critical to purpose, process and people transformation. Organizations of any size can capitalize on this growth operating system, and this extension has important implications for leaders.

    Join us for our latest learning module in our Executive Education series. We invite you to one-on-one mentoring session in-person or online “DNA of your Organizational Operating System”, inclusive of unlimited interaction. During the sessions you will: Understand the difference between growth and fixed mindsets. Discover the impact of growth on personal productivity and agility. Learn the benefits of developing a culture of growth in your organization. We invite your participation.

    Duration – Three months with ninety day’s post program support.
    Model – One-on-one mentoring and coaching with value profiling instruments
    Post program support – Free support for ninety day’s.
    Participant’s profile: Business owners, Senior executives and potential performers.
  •   We bring you “Vrindavana – Centre of Parenting excellence”
    The need of the hour is to have a centre of excellence for parents, where they can experiment, experience and correct their belief system and emerge renewed! We reach out to parents and families with a meaningful and purpose driven learning modules. These modules would enhance value creating abilities of parents for greater good of all. Indeed, you have been wonderful and successful in parenting; however, you can re-engineer your parenting belief system.

    We bring you something amazing and exciting learning opportunity; exclusively and carefully crafted for you - “Vrindavana: Centre of parenting excellence” – a gurukula in parenting where you learn, clarify, assimilate and live parenting values by questioning your belief system. The prime purpose of this initiative is to transform the way you think and act while parenting your children; your self-growth, while your children are growing.

    “Vrindavana” is a one-point resource centre in right parenting. We hear so much these days about how important it is that parents instill values in their children. The truth is that if parents don’t accept this responsibility, then the void may be filled by unhealthy forces in our culture that do not support healthy morals and ethics for our families. The more aware parents are of their own values, the clearer they will be in learning, clarifying, assimilating, expressing, living and communicating them to their children and family members.

    The whole “Vrindavana” initiative has been developed on annual membership platform to facilitate continuous interaction, so as to contribute few insights to your parenting mission that would enable your child to grow rather age. To make it interactive and a continuous process of discovering an unconditional parent within, we invite you to take up annual membership for this unique centre of parenting excellence. Contact us for more details and your annual membership privileges.

    Duration - One year subscription
    Model - Interactive workshops and one-on-one mentoring
    Post program support - Not applicable
    Participants profile - Parents, future parents, grand parents, care givers and any one interested in parenting.
  •   Is what I am exercising now the truly professional choice? In this era of business what matters the most is every persons “Choice”, which has the potential to create a global impact, not simple local impact. The need of the hour is to redefine our choices and transform to be true professional. It is difficult to define a professional; however by definition a professional is someone who possesses the skills and knowledge necessary to do the job. For years, we have been accepting this definition and determining who is a performer and who is not. In our day-to-day examples we can see these professionals who do more harm than good. They have all the qualities to do the job well, but instead they chose to abuse and corrupt their professionals for their own personal gain. They lack something, which is essential to be a true professional!

    How to transform the worst to the best when the accepted standards are no longer enough, and when even the most powerful and respected among us cannot be trusted to behave responsibly? Today, we need to redefine what it means to be a professional. Today’s business space takes more than aptitude; it takes a commitment to doing what is right, not only for business, but also for personal, family and society as a whole. In a world where we live does not trust each other. The need for professionals is more than ever before. We herewith give few implicit module of transformation for working professionals as true professional commando. We offer,

    01 - Signature: Creating your own professional leadership brand
    02 - The professional commando: To transform as an effective professional commando who is committed to create value in and around known and unknown impossibilities.
    03 - Leading at a higher level: Learning to lead your organisation at a higher level with a well clarified vision and guiding principles.
    04 - Creating your leadership operating system: Creating an effective operating system that can put you, your associates and organisation into a higher orbit of success, achievement and value creation.

    The modules are aimed at transforming professionals as value creators; interwoven with sessions of minimum 90 minutes and maximum 03 hours of one-on-one coaching and mentoring. While in the project you learn the ability to execute your job effectively, the ability to certify the completion of a job or task and finally, the ability to behave with integrity at all times. We invite you to take part in this wonderful transformation learning and leave your own signature as a leader in this world as a true professional commando.

    Duration - Three months / Six months and one year course
    Model - One-on-one mentoring and coaching
    Post program support - Free support for ninety day’s from the closure
    Participants profile - Business owners, professions and senior executives
  •   We introduce the “Center of Leadership Excellence”, loaded with highly accurate value profiling tools and instruments to identify, build, nurture and monitor a leadership pipeline across the organisation. The learning initiative has been designed as an intensive and focused learning experience of learning, clarifying, assimilating and living values in leadership roles. The initiative will provide insights into aligning vision and action to create higher values.

    The Learning Module: Integrative learner-centric resources tailored for C-level executives (Managers). The module contains carefully crafted leadership resources;
    Leadership foundation: Fundamentals of leadership for first time managers and potential performers. Identifying and nurturing emerging leaders with foundation knowledge and skills.
    Leadership essentials: Essential aspects of leadership every manager should clarify and assimilate.
    Lessons in leadership: It is the powerful leadership incubation process: The basket of carefully researched lessons in learning, clarifying, assimilating and living leadership values.

    Leadership Insights: Enduring insights on leading around impossibilities and challenges

    The Learning Method:
    (01). Carefully crafted leadership thoughts are delivered through multiple sessions of 90 to 120 minutes each.
    (02). Carefully crafted leadership insights are delivered through multiple interactive workshop sessions of 04 hours each.
    (03). The basket of carefully researched lessons in learning, clarifying, assimilating and living leadership values delivered through effective one-on-one coaching and mentoring.
    (04). Experiential outbound retreats of experimenting with one’s leadership values.

    Center of Leadership Excellence is an initiative of correcting one’s choices in-time and ensuring values in leadership. New managers, Managers, Senior managers, Potential performers, Entrepreneurs, Educators and Business owners can be the part of this initiative.
  •   We offer centre of excellence for CEO learning. Our research outcome focuses on a range of dissonant experiences that have the potential to trigger learning and change. While these provide rich opportunities for learning, they are often not realized. To benefit, Senior executives and CEOs must remain learning continuously. The CEO learning focuses on the human dimensions of executive leadership and approaches the development of CEOs and senior executives at:
    Organizational leadership; Family leadership and Personal leadership, it involves,

    How CEOs and executive leaders shape organizational values and cultures by understanding their own inner conflicts.
    How and why they create learning environment
    How they lead in a uncertain and ambiguous world.
    How to get the best out of people
    How to lead family with greater awareness of values and vision
    How they can become more balanced towards family issues and members
    How they can inspire more effectively in a family climate
    How CEOs and senior executives learn from surroundings
    How they learn when taking up a new role, as well as sustain learning in an existing role
    What and how they learn and unlearn from their own personal experiences in life.

    The approach taken by us is to facilitate learning through continuous mentoring, dialogue, reflection and experience. Instruments of value clarification, assimilation and living are the primary learning vehicle and the learning is supported by inspiring learning materials.
  •   Sandeepany - Learning centre of living values in early childhood education

    “Sandeepany” is age appropriate learning module that can be effectively executed at parents, school, future schools, home schools and entrepreneurial level. Parents can use this as an independent learning resource; Schools as their learning projects and it is a wonderful entrepreneurial opportunity for all, who wants to be a successful entrepreneur. We serve all the applications with appropriate support. The module works effectively in all the way. It comes to you with well-researched learning resources in values, Project work and work books in value learning, Fully-integrated parenting starter kit, Hand-holding, training and mentoring educators and parents, fully loaded entrepreneurial kit and much more. Sandeepany initiative has been supported by a researched curriculum for parents, educators and children based on our culture and heritage.

    “Sandeepany” is personalised learning where children undergo enlightening learning experience in their early childhood. The aim is to empower them to experiment and transform to emotionally mature children. It has been interlaced with effectively researched learning model, where parents learn with the child, facilitators and us. In “Sandeepany” stakeholders learn to live values while making our children learn and grow; it is an instrument of our own self-growth.

    We look forward and confident of establishing the proposed intervention, where we mutually work to create emotionally mature children about whom our future may feel proud. Your decision to go with “Sandeepany” initiative may transform the way education is thought and lived in our country. It is not a franchise opportunities, but working together for a clear vision in education.