Travelling on the path less travelled –Living values way to grow and transform.

Oh Lord, few drops of grace would fall on me; all the time. When I finish with achieving all that has to be achieved, realizing all that has to be realized, when I finally know all that has to be known, I will be right back with you.

The feeling of living values is higher than any experience that we could ever have. That it was the juice that drips from the direct experience of truth and reality. On the living values way, there has been no place to go, even though we have been traveling for a long time. The path is less travelled, because it is full of poisonous scorpions. The whole path that has been less travelled within the vast and intimate presence of opportunities and challenges that needs a mature mind.

Life is a series of choices; choices are for the purpose of preparing the mind and live intelligently. There is no choice in exercising the choice. Choices always comes with a purpose or a motive; they do not have a separate existence. Most of the time the purpose or the motive would be our operating system – likes and dislikes. Choices that are guided by likes and dislikes can’t prepare the mind and hence conflict becomes the nature of the mind. Doing what is to be done in a situation or travelling on Living Values Way alone can help us to make the right choice among many options; without breeding any conflict in our mind. Thus, doing what is to be done can alone guide us to discover a learning mind and hence purposeful living with least disturbance among scorpions. By doing what is to be done, we neutralize our likes and dislikes and bring values in our choices. When values are well assimilated, it comes to applying spontaneously, as Guruji did.

Life is a commitment to grow over our likes and dislikes and "Living Values" around many scorpion stings! It is all about living a life of doing what is to be done in a situation; and let us never allow any scorpion to divert us from that vision. We come into life with many scorpions (likes and dislikes), we are the breeding center, they are powerful enough to make us divert our focus and make us think “How one could hurt us like that? How one could do this to me? How could I commit this mistake? And so on…” They can fill our hearts with anger and pain, and our minds start plotting vengeance. Before we could realize, our choices are injuring ourselves more by allowing the scorpions to sting into our hearts than the others injuring us by their choices; We find that our own choices become driven by anger and pain; We find ourselves engaged in cunning thoughts of revenge.

We, due to ignorance, due to lack of understanding (much like the scorpion who doesn't understand Guruji's conviction or vision) or due to the way we have been programmed, may act with hatred, deceit, selfishness and indifference. Our ignorance deprives us of fulfilling our vision. In place of doing what is to be done, if we react to others choices, we and the rest are the losers. If we allow ourselves to injure others, insult them, plot against them, hurt them, then we are simply accruing more and more problems for ourselves by not doing what is to be done.

To transform this conflict ridden mind to the mind that does what is to be done, around the presence of scorpions: is the job one has in hand. This purification or transformation of mind can happen only when we travel on the path less travelled – living values way. We consciously choose our actions in alignment with "Values". Values and choices are two faces of the same coin; they do not have a separate existence.