Our Learning Way:

Once upon a time, there was a big banyan tree, where two crows - husband and wife, had prepared a nice nest and made it their home. In the hollow of the same tree, lived a black cobra - Dhustabhuddhi. The crows had a problem because Dhustabhuddhi would climb up the tree and eat the new born, whenever the female crow hatched her eggs. They could do nothing to save them.

The crows went to Somadutta, a friend and jackal to seek help, who lived in a nearby. They narrated the whole story and their difficulties and requested his advice for them to get rid of their problem. They said, "Somadutta, our fried, It has become dangerous to live here. Please tell us how we can protect our children from being eaten up by the wicked Dhustabhuddhi ".

The jackal replied, "Please don't give up. Even powerful enemies can be overcome with the use of wit." On hearing this, the crows requested, "Please tell us how we can overcome this problem.”

Somadutta told them a plan, "Fly into the capital of the kingdom, not far from here. Visit the house of someone who is wealthy and careless at the same time. Notice if something of value is lying around. If you find so, pick it up when the servants are watching you." He continued, "You will need to fly slowly so that the servants can follow you. Return back to your tree and drop it in the hollow of the tree where the cobra lives. When the servants reach, they will kill Dhustabhuddhi when they see it."

The crows decided to follow the advice and flew off immediately according to his plan. As they flew above the capital, the female crow noticed wealthy women swimming in a lake. They had left gold and pearl necklaces on the banks of the lake, which were guarded by royal servants. At once the female crow swooped down, and picked up a big necklace in her beak, and started flying slowly.

When the royal servants noticed her, they picked up sticks and stones, and started throwing at her, and ran to chase her. As planned, she dropped the necklace in front of the hollow of the tree, where Dhustabhuddhi was asleep. She sat on one of the branches for the royal servants to notice.

When the royal servants arrived, the Dhustabhuddhi came out of the hollow of the tree to see what all the noise was about. The black cobra confronted the king's servants with swelling hood, but the servants attacked the cobra with sticks and stones to recover the necklace.

They killed the wicked cobra - Dhustabhuddhi, and returned with the necklace. And the crows, having gotten rid of the cobra, lived happily.

Most of the time we yield to difficulties, challenges and problems, because we refuse to learn and understand. Continuous learning is the key for success. When we employ innovative learning, we overcome difficulties and resolve challenges. Most of the times we submit to life challenges rather to discover opportunities to grow over.

We, Anugraha Learning and Research Foundation, employ innovative, continuous learning and continuously value creating models and methods in “Learning, Clarifying, Assimilating and Living Values” initiative.

The learning models are customized and inclusive of carefully crafted steps of understanding, organizing, executing, evaluating, developing improvement plans and learning. We offer the most comprehensive learning which handhold the learner till the end. We come with a wide spectrum of learning models that include, self-growth, family excellence, organizational transformation, living values in education, healthcare, hospitality, entrepreneurial leadership, leadership and so on…The learning models are customized to the learners need and are delivered with a carefully developed model that include, understanding, organizing, executing, evaluating, improving and supported by coaching and mentoring.

Defining the project vision and purpose with appropriate authorities
Interacting with the key people in the organization and potential participants
Defining the ideal state
Initial assessment for the current state
Defining time bound and measurable objectives
Defining the future state
Defining the core values of the project along with key success factors
Designing learning resources consisting of instruments of learning, clarifying, assimilating and living core values of the project
Organizing for the project execution (Time, number of sessions, resources etc...)
Project execution through semi-structured learning methods of mentoring in small groups or one-on-one supported by effective coaching
Continuous monitoring of the project through assessments and evaluation for objective realization with appropriate tools and instruments
Developing effective improvement plans
Executing improvement plans through effective hand-holding
Collecting 360 degree inputs
Mentoring to bring in necessary improvements
Final assessment for future state realization
Developing continuous improvement plans
Discovering healthy learning experience
Creating a detailed project report and future learning needs to close the project.

Creative and innovative learning methods are employed through experimenting with highly reliable value profiling instruments. The instrument will infuse definite and tangible transformation by shaking, shaping and sharpening the core of the learner. Semi-structured Interactive workshops, One-on- One coaching and mentoring, Experiential and activity based outbound retreats are interwoven with creative and introspective learning methods.

The learning methods include, Discussions, Stories, Case Studies, Role Play, Traditional games, Drama, Dance, Music, Clay activities, Debate, Cooking, Reflective activities, Field activities, Retreats, Arts and crafts, Colours, Visualization, Meditation, Audio and Video Clips and so on…

Highly accurate Value Profiling Tools and Instruments are the part of learning method that turns it experiential and transformational. Our learning methods are evolved over a period of time through study and research. They create un-limited degree of value creation as mentioned below,

Method 01 – Semi-structured interactive sessions:

Each session duration – 90 minutes to 120 minutes
Learning duration – As required by the subject matter and the intensity of the learning. Normally it comes in six, twelve, eighteen, twenty four …..and so on sessions
Benefit – Small session over a period of time in number of sessions would help participants to learn and assimilate better

Method 02 – Interactive and experiential workshops:

Each session duration – 04 hours
Learning duration – As necessitated by the subject matter, it is more intense than the 90 minutes method. Normally it comes in six, twelve, eighteen, twenty four …..and so on sessions
Benefit - Highly qualitative discussions and activities will help in purposeful value clarification and assimilation. Sessions are designed with highly accurate activities and learning experiments.

Method 03 – One-on- one coaching and mentoring:

Each session duration – 04 hours
Learning duration – As directed by the subject matter, in this module number of sessions are not defined. However, the completions of the subject matter are stressed, sessions continue till the learner completes the work book and assimilate the corresponding value.
Benefit – The method is highly effective since it is one-on- one. The coach and mentor will have direct control of the learning process. In this method each question is answered and each doubt is clarified. A well-researched workbook assisted by multiple assessment tools will guide the session. Normally it comes in three months, six months and twelve months coaching and mentoring in a subject.

Method 04 – Experiential outbound retreats:

Each session duration – 90 minutes to 120 minutes
Learning duration – One day – four sessions, two days – eight sessions and six days – 24 sessions
Benefit – The method is highly effective because experiential activities are involved. Participants will experiment with their belief system to clarify and assimilate a new value system. They are taken away from the workplace to a serene atmosphere and guided through effective activities as desired by the learning climate.