The Way You Experienced:

Devadutta was walking in the Gurukula one evening. It was becoming dark quite quickly. Suddenly he spied something in his path ahead. Unable to make it out, he proceeded with caution. The thing was long, thin, slightly coiled. "Snake!", thought Devadutta and stopped dead in his tracks. Yet, this was his only path to get his cottage before it was completely dark.

Devadutta experienced a moment of fear and panic, "I must get home soon, before dark! But, the snake is perhaps poisonous. I’m stuck!" he bemoaned to himself. Same time Guruji came with a torch and they both proceeded carefully forward. Just as suddenly ‘snake’ became ‘rope’. With this realization, how quickly fear became humor; panic to peace and how he had deceived himself with illusion, Devadutta, in the presence of Guruji experienced a sense of enlightenment.

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