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We, human beings are blessed with a faculty called “Choice”. We can’t think, speak or act without choosing, which reveals our preference for one thing over another. We are continuously swimming in a stream of choices and every choice we make is guided by what is the most important for us. I choose this and not that because... And every “because” is guided by something.

Trees, rocks and animals are free from this faculty - Choice. We can’t free ourselves from choice - there is no choice in choosing. In a context our choice is either to allow our choices to be lead by our likes and dislikes or to choose a thing that is good for all - a value. Freeing ourselves form values; surrendering our choices to likes and dislikes is to retire of our humanity. Valuing is part of what makes us human. It is actually values that we live out in our lives that count. Anugraha is your trusted partners in making you learn, clarify, assimilate and live a life of values by employing time tested value profiling tools and instruments.

A simple and small addition
will create unlimited
transformation ...

... be it in self-growth, organisational transformation, family excellence, or in your social responsibilities. This small addition is critical for self and organisational growth. It helps to build healthy relationships - without conflicts, with everyone around you. Add that small thing “A - Anugraha” in your life and experience total transformation in your life, your family, and at your workplace.

One day Guruji went for his bath in the river Ganga, he noticed a scorpion struggling in the water. Scorpions, by nature, cannot swim and the Guruji knew that if he did not save the scorpion, it would drown. Therefore, carefully picking up the scorpion, the Guruji, lifted it out of the waters and was just about to set it down gently on the land when the scorpion stung his finger. In pain, Guruji instinctively flung his hand and the scorpion went flying, back into the river.

As soon as Guruji regained his composure from the sting, he again lifted the scorpion out of the water. Again, before he could set the scorpion safely on land, the creature stung him. Again, as Guruji shook his hand in response to the pain, the scorpion fell back into the water. This exchange went on for several times as the Guruji continued to try to save the life of the drowning scorpion and the scorpion continued to sting his savior's hand before reaching the freedom at the river bank.Guruji's disciple Devadutta was noticing this interaction between Guruji and the scorpion. Devadutta said "Guruji, forgive me for my frankness, but it is clear that the scorpion is simply going to continue to sting you each and every time you try to carry it to safety. Why don't you give up and just let it drown?"

Guruji replied, "My dear child Devadutta, the scorpion is not stinging me out of hatred or evil intent. It is simply his nature to sting. He doesn't realize that I am

carrying him to safety. That is a level of conscious comprehension greater than what his brain can achieve. But, just as it is the scorpion's nature to sting, so it is my nature to save. My value is to serve any creature of any kind – human or animal. Why should I let a small scorpion rob me of the divine nature which I have cultivated through years of learning?