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What resources do we use?

We use the following resources in creating a Healthy Customer Experience.


Acting with integrity and creating trust.
Trust is an outcome of consistent organizational behaviour that demonstrates trustworthiness. There are trust-building events where organizations have the need to publicly react to a difficult situation, and trust-building moments where individual actions by staff add up to create trust in the organization as a whole.

Behavioural economics holds that as humans we trust people we like.
The ability to build rapport at a basic human level is therefore critical in creating trust with customers.

We Value

  • We do the right thing for all concerned.
  • We are seen to be doing the right things for customers in general
  • We stand for something more than profit
  • We have not been associated with unhealthy stories.
  • We are recommended by our customers.
  • We take corporate social responsibility seriously
  • We contribute to our local and national community
  • We contribute to bringing the best out of a context.


Turning a poor customer experience into a healthy one. Organizations are driven by rapid innovation because providing a healthy customer experience has come to the fore. This mindset in turn has accelerated a focus on solutions rather than products and driven engagement.

We Value

  • Own the resolution and fix it with urgency
  • Keep us fully informed of issue resolution progress
  • Offer a warm and sincere apology
  • Go the extra mile if required
  • Provide a temporary solution while trying to resolve the problem
  • Assume our innocence


Managing, meeting and exceeding customer expectations. Customers have needs and they also have expectations about how these needs will be met. Customer experience is the difference between expectation and actual delivery. Understanding, delivering and, if possible, exceeding expectations is a key skill of great organizations. Customer expectations have become more fluid. Understanding these changing expectations is a vital component of designing the right solutions and experiences. Proactive expectation setting communications will now be expected as standard.

We Value

  • We do what they said they would
  • We provide a consistent experience
  • We use simple language
  • We do not use jargon
  • We keep the customer informed as to what is happening when we have a query or place an order
  • We set customer expectations accurately


Achieving an understanding of the customer’s circumstances to drive deep rapport It is time for all firms to show that they care that the safety and wellbeing of their customers is their prime concern. Corporate kindness is two words not usually put together, but they are now fundamental to how a company operates from within.

We Value

  • We understand our particular situation
  • We explain things in a way we can easily understand
  • We demonstrate we care and are a concern
  • We acknowledge how we are feeling and act appropriately
  • We invest time to understand customer needs
  • We provide the right emotional responses for any situation
  • We are willing to bend the rules to help customers out


Using individualized attention to drive emotional connection. Demonstrating that we understand the customer’s specific needs and circumstances and will adapt the experience accordingly is now the expected norm. Customers during the crisis described the feeling of being in an infinite present and unable to see beyond tomorrow. We have been focused on ensuring that, as far as possible, customers can take control over their lives by providing experiences that are more strongly tailored to their circumstances, that make them feel valued and important and put them back in control.

We Value

  • We offer products or services relevant to customers
  • Understand customer's specific personal needs.
  • We make customers feel valued
  • We treat customers as individuals with emotions
  • We know who we are from our customer history when we are dealing with them
  • We make customers feel in control
  • We show an interest in customer expectations

Speed and Accuracy

Minimizing customer effort and creating a frictionless experience at the right time and place. Customers are time-poor and increasingly are looking for instant gratification. Removing unnecessary obstacles, impediments and bureaucracy to enable the customer to achieve their objectives quickly and easily has been shown to increase loyalty. Digitalization has amplified the need for easy access to products and services, convenience and relevant information. Delivering experience has become a way of life.