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You are not a drop in the ocean, you are the entire water in the ocean!

An ordinary action cannot become creative. It is our choice to make an ordinary action creative; anything can be creative when we bring value to the activity. When values and activities are aligned, we create inspiring moments. Whatsoever we do, if we do it joyfully, if we do it lovingly if our act of doing it is not purely superficial based on likes and dislikes, then it is creative. If we have something growing out of it within us, if it makes us grow, it is spiritual, it is creative, it is divine and inspiring.

Creating a Healthy Customer Experience can be creative only when it is value creation - Creating Value through Transforming moments into inspiring moments.

Guruji was a carpenter, and whenever he made tables, and chairs, somehow, they had some indefinable things in them, a tremendous magnetism. He was asked, 'How do you make them?'

Guruji said, 'I don't make them. I simply go to the forest: the basic thing is to enquire of the forest, of trees, which tree is ready to become a chair.’ He continued 'I go and say that I am in search of a tree who wants to become a chair. I ask the trees if they are willing; not only willing: cooperating with me, ready to go with me – only then. Sometimes it happens that no tree is ready to become a chair; I come empty-handed.'

The king of the place asked Guruji to make him a chair. And he went and after three days he said, 'Wait – no tree is ready to come to the palace.'

After three months the king again enquired. The carpenter said, 'I have been going continuously. I am talking to these trees. Wait – one tree seems to be interested to come to the palace.

Then he spoke to one tree. He said, 'The whole art is there when the tree comes of its own agreement. Then the tree is simply asking for the help of the carpenter.

If you are loving, free from the influences of likes and dislikes; you will see that the whole existence is working with you for your fulfilment. Don't pull and push things. Watch, communicate; take their help – and much value can be created.

Even trees are creative, rocks are creative – they do not compromise with their values. We are different, have a choice to think with wrong beliefs, and are attached to wrong beliefs, therefore we are uncreative – not creating value. Maybe we were searching in the wrong directions, in directions in which we are not creative, but there must be a direction in which we are creative. Seek and search and remain available and go on enquiring - unless you discover it.

We come into this world with a specific message to deliver; something to fulfil; something to inspire. We are not here accidentally; we are here meaningfully and purposefully. There is a purpose behind our existence. The creation intends to create value through each one of us – are we willing?